Is selling your property the furthest thing from your mind? Here are some things to consider this fall…

  1. Your property may be worth more than you think! Determining property value is difficult on your own. Not having been in homes that are similar to yours and in your neighbourhood on a regular basis can make this a guessing game. I can provide you with an accurate market evaluation!
  2. Your dream home may be more affordable than you think
  3. Are you tired of your current home and thinking of a change?
  4. There may be homes coming to the market that you are not aware of and are EXACTLY what you want!
  5. Your current property doesn’t meet your needs of your growing family or perhaps you don’t need as much as space as you once did.
  6. Your neighbourhood may be transitioning in ways you don’t like!
  7. You are ready to downsize house OR yard OR both.
  8. You may want to be settled in your home in time for the new year making your resolutions simpler now that MOVING is off the list!
  9. You may want to downsize your mortgage or downsize to NO MORTGAGE at all
  10. Your home isn’t convenient to the amenities you currently love or where all of your kids favourite hang outs are!

If any of these questions or considerations fit you …let’s talk! 204.960.6872

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